Margot Lane is an American Indie-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Buffalo NY. Her music incorporates elements of rock, country, and blues within the pop genre.

The Los Angeles based musician has built a following from sharing the stage and working alongside some legendary artists and musical groups such as Dick Dale, Marco Antonio Solis, Bella Electric Strings, and Kamyar. Margot has also worked over a decade as a Piano Technician for the Elton john Oscar Viewing Party as part of the Elton John Aids Foundation. Her violin playing has heightened to incorporate orchestra work with Asia Entertainment, Fullerton Symphony, Occidental Symphony, and Hollywood Light Orchestra.

Margot has had several appearances on TV and on soundtracks as a musician with ABC’s hit TV series THE CATCH, the Saigon Broadcasting Station for Asia Entertainment, and the recording of the world release of “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story”. She has worked alongside and toured with many artists both on world and US bound tours as a musician and music director.

She is an endorsee artist for Flychord Piano and NS Design and Red Label Strings for her electric violins.

Currently, Margot is working on independent projects as the front woman for the heartland rock band the Grey Birds and her solo project Margot Lane. 

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